Bäddfräsar & Golvverk

Gurutzpe GLX 16

Svarvar med gjuten monoblocksbädd och 2 självcentrerande V-guider. Maximal robusthet, precision och ekonomi.

GLURUTZPE GLX models combine inverted “V” guide technology in a single machine with the traditional sliding configuration.

The machine has 4+1 guides in two separate areas, one for the tool carriage and another for the tailstock centre and steady rests. Thus, the machine is capable of machining the piece in a single set up, allowing the tool to cross the steady rest without stopping work. All this results in a considerable saving in additional commissionings and cycle times.

Main characteristics:

  • Reduction in commissioning operations. High productivity.
  • High precision and durability.
  • Optimum chip evacuation.
  • Very good ergonomics and access for the operator.
  • Optional integral enclosure. Greater protection and cleaning.
  • Multiprocess lathe with milling, grinding, drilling, boring capacity…
  • Integrated measurement (optional).


Rörelseområde över bädd ∅ 1600 mm
Rörelseområde transport ∅ 1300 mm
Distans mellan punkter ≤ 15 m
Hastighetsintervall 0÷800 rpm
Spindeleffekt 39/48 kW
Spindelborr Ø110 mm
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