Okuma Laser EX

Okuma MU-5000V Laser EX

The laser technology infused in these super multitasking machines of the LASER EX series combine subtractive and additive manufacturing, hardening, and coating of workpiece blanks to the final product - done on one machine - the ultimate process-intensive machine. The machines of MU-V LASER EX series and MULTUS U LASER EX series are capable of milling, turning, grinding, Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) and heat treatment for a wide range of workpiece sizes and shapes. On-machine hardening is faster and causes less distortion than conventional heat treatment, resulting in dramatically increased accuracy and throughput. LASER EX series also enables laser processing from coating to LMD.


Axis travel X-Y-Z 800/870/600 mm
Spindle speed 50 - 8000 min-1
No. of tools 32
Floor space 3995 x 2750 mm
Table size Ø 500 mm
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