The MCR-A5CII is a high-speed double column machining center with compact auto loading/unloading attachments for true 5-sided machining in a compact footprint. The solid double column construction ensures greater rigidity and closer tolerances, making this machine well-suited for the efficient machining of general parts and rapid die/mould jobs.


Utrymme mellan pelare 2150-3650 mm
Bordstorlek 1.500x3.000 - 3.000x12.000 mm
Rörelseområde X, Y, Z 3.200/2.600/800 - 12.200/4.100/1.200 mm
Spindelhastighet 4000 (6000, 10000) min-1
Antal verktyg 50 st
Effekt 26/22 kW
Golvyta 6.180x8.430 - 7.780x28.420 mm
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