The Okuma MULTUS B Series machines are general purpose multi-function CNC lathes that are designed to reduce set up time by virtually eliminating repetitive fixturing to improve accuracy and keep non-cutting time to a minimum. They feature the industry’s first Collision Avoidance System software. Combined with Okuma’s OSP Control, this software can run the entire machining simulation and catch potential collisions before they create scrap. Thermal-Friendly Construction assures high accuracy, even in the most complex applications. Options include the W version with sub-spindle, designed to hand the part from one spindle to the other to complete milling and turning operations without changing the part.


Svarvdiameter 710 mm
Svarvlängd 1500/ 2000 mm
Varvtal 3800 rpm
Antal verktyg 20 (40, 80) st
Effekt 22 (30) kW
Varvtal frässpindel 6000 (10000) rpm
Effekt frässpindel 14 (20) kW
Y-axel +- 115 mm
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