High Rigidity Structural Design

  • One piece T-base structure with rib construction for unprecedented rigidity.
  • Dual-wall column design for enhancing rigidity and durability.
  • Adopted FEM analysis for lightweight design to improve G value that can prolong ballscrew life and reduce energy consumption.

All Roller Type Guideways

  • XYZ axes are equipped with roller guideways to increase rigidity and accuracy.
  • High dynamic AC servo driven pre-tensioned ball screws, delivering high control qualities.

Stepped Design on X-axis

  • Two X-axis guideways are positioned at different height to increase stable and reliable rapid axial movement.
  • Compact column design is able to achieve higher acceleration and performance.

Powerful IDD Spindle

  • The standard IDD spindle design, easy for maintenance 15,000 rpm max. spindle speed with 37 kW output delivers 244 Nm torque.
  • The powerful spindle utilizes high precision ceramic ball bearings.
  • The spindle oil cooling system effectively minimizes thermal deformation.


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Spindelhastighet 15000 rpm
Antal verktyg 40 st
Effekt 37 kW
Rörelseområde X, Y, Z 800/730/800 mm
Spindelkona BT40
Palettstorlek 500 x 500 mm
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