Superb Body Structure

  • One-piece Column
  • One-piece Base
  • Rigid proportion of the headstock

4,500rpm Spindle

  • With Hi-lo Gear Transmission
  • 4,500rpm spindle speed is standard with 2-step gear transmission.
  • The spindle incorporates roller type spindle bearings for extremely high cutting rigidity.
  • The 2-step gear transmission provides 88.87kgf-m torque output at 241rpm ideal for machining hard material.

High Rigidity Guideways

  • X-axis is directly driven by gearbox offering smooth axial response and high torque
  • Roller type guideways on X/Y axis
  • Y-axis is supported by 3 roller type guideways and 6 slider blocks to offer ultimate cutting rigidity
  • Horizontal and vertical support of the headstock
  • Hardened and ground box guideway on Z-axis enlarges the contact interface for high machining stability


Varvtal 4500, 6000, 10000 rpm
Antal verktyg 40 st
Spindeleffekt 22 kW
Rörelseområde X, Y, Z 4065, 1600, 762 (1016) mm
Bordstorlek 4260x1500 mm
Spindelkona BBT50
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